Multi-Function Printers

Multi-Function Printers

Nube Group offers all-inclusive purchasing, leasing, and servicing for copiers and multifunction printers. By unifying all aspects of printer use and service, including all equipment acquisition, maintenance, and supply costs, we can provide affordable, cost-effective printing and copying solutions to businesses.

We are proud to be an authorized single line Sharp Dealer specializing in printers and copiers. We also offer other Sharp equipment such as the full line of Dynabook laptops and Aquos Smart Boards. 

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Proactive Service Model

Our proactive service model utilizes the power of the latest in monitoring software to anticipate all of your maintenance and supply needs – so you don’t have to worry about downtime. While most service calls may take hours or days to fulfill, our technicians can preemptively provide you with the repairs or upgrades you need to keep your business up and running. Even better, our monitoring software allows us to perform many of our service functions after hours, so you don’t have to close up shop or lose productivity during the workday.