Scanning Services

The Benefits of Document Scanning

At Nube Group, our dedicated and skilled staff work hard to ensure that your paper documents are converted into high-quality digital records. Eliminate the risk of losing essential business records to flood, fire, or other dangers, by converting all of your paper records to digital, searchable PDF copies that are easily stored in the cloud.

Combining all of your records into one database also removes the need to transfer hard copies between different business locations, eliminating the need to send files via traditional shipping methods, or to maintain off-site storage locations. Your scanned paperwork can be safely and affordably shared throughout your business, for improved document management, and a robust bottom line.

Services Provided:

  • We provide a free walk through and analysis of what needs to be scanned.
  • We can do scanning on site or remotely at our secure scanning facility.
  • We have storage for any bankers boxes and they are cataloged. While we store the boxes as the scanning work is being completed, we can retrieve files from the boxes for each client if needed.
  • Document destruction is available. Fees apply.
  • Free pick-up and delivery of files.