Software Life Cycle Management

Nube Group, An Authorized Distributor of Digitech Systems, Inc.

Nube Group is an authorized dealer for Digitech Systems, Inc. Our Enterprise Content Management software can streamline workflow and increase productivity for any organization or department. The implementation of ECM software solutions increase efficiency while reducing costs. Our document solutions enable businesses of any size to manage, retrieve and protect corporate information of any kind. By significantly reducing the cost, Digitech Systems has moved ECM from a luxury convenience to an essential element for every well-managed business.



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Many businesses struggle with managing work flows, especially when it comes to paper records and physical documents. While many software solutions promise to provide efficient and effective document management, in truth, even the best tool will work only when it’s used correctly for the job at hand. Execution without consideration could leave you struggling to manage inefficiencies as productivity diminishes and costs rise.

Instead of struggling to find the right solution, why not start with the right partner? By partnering with Nube Group, you can reduce overhead, improve productivity, and streamline tasks by replacing or bridging ineffective software programs that fail to communicate with one another. 

 Simplify Operations

At Nube Group, we begin our customer relationship by asking the right questions, so we can identify the business processes involved and the outcome being sought. We determine where current operations are causing blocks to your productivity. And we discuss how taking advantage of the latest advances in software life cycle management will allow for greater efficiencies.

Once we begin to work with our clients, we send over one of our knowledgeable and experienced team members to perform an on-site walkthrough. This is when we take a closer look at the operational procedures to see how various workflows (HR, A/R and others) are being handled. Once those are identified along with what software solutions are in place, we can then suggest how improvements can be made. Establishing a network and software topography helps us determine the status of the environment, so that we can tailor our solutions to fit the individual needs of our clients. An additional benefit of surveying each customers’ business processes, ensures our technicians do not run into any surprises during installation and setup, keeping costs down and eliminating unexpected delays.

After conducting a thorough analysis, we present you with a detailed proposal that will explain how to best utilize our services to eliminate redundancies and remove time-consuming processes. We will work hand in hand with our clients, so you can tap into the knowledge and expertise of a team dedicated to best-in-class products and services for optimal performance and reduced downtime.

Why not let Nube Group design and create a custom workflow to fit your individual business needs? Whether you current software hinders your productivity or ingrained programs don’t allow for seamless integration, Nube Group can simplify the operations in your office from one department to another.

Ready to get started? Call our knowledgeable sales staff today to set up an appointment.