What Do I Need to Know?

The right document management partner can help you increase productivity, lower operational costs, and enhance your competitive edge. When choosing between different service providers, it’s important to understand what can be accomplished and how your business will benefit from business process outsourcing. Below are some tips to help you know if you’re making the right decision.

Ask for clarification on the length of your contract

While most equipment service and lease agreements are limited to a two-year or three-year commitment, in some cases, your contract can last five years or more. It’s important to understand that you will be required to maintain your business agreement throughout the entire length of the arrangement. That means you won’t be able to switch to a different provider if things go wrong or promises aren’t satisfied. Make sure you feel comfortable with both the company and the contract length.

How will I know if my equipment isn’t working correctly?

Unfortunately, many document management providers rely on the customer to notify them of problems with equipment or software. Lately, the trend is toward switching to a software monitoring system that can immediately alert the service provider if there is a problem or if a repair is needed. With monitoring software, downtime because of broken equipment is a thing of the past. Instead, your service provider can automatically and remotely perform upgrades and troubleshoot performance issues. The software will also send out reminders regarding toner replacement and OS updates. Instead of putting the onus on you to make sure your equipment is up and running, monitoring software keeps an ever-present eye on your operations, allowing technicians to not just respond to requests but to anticipate all of your repair and maintenance needs.

What are the costs involved?

Each business relies on a different matrix to determine success and to develop operational strategies. Simply put, no two companies are the same, and so standardized pricing is often inaccurate and insufficient when it comes to budgeting and cost analysis. Nevertheless, the right company will avoid up-sells or pricey add-ons and instead will work with the customer to find a solution that fits the budget and still meets the customer’s needs. One way to stay out of the red is to partner with an organization that can minimize repair and maintenance costs with top-of-the-line equipment, robust warranties, and superior service.

Do I need to buy a machine?

The decision to lease or purchase a piece of equipment can be a difficult one to make. In some cases, owning the machine makes sense, but in other instances, a lease is the better option. Ultimately, only you can decide what’s right for your business, but steer clear of any document management provider who tries to push one option over another. Each situation requires analysis and a deeper understanding of your company’s needs and goals.

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