By leveraging Nube Group’s offerings, educational institutions can enhance teaching and learning experiences,
improve administrative efficiency, and adapt to evolving trends in education technology. From records management
and document conversion to technology integration and campus security, Nube Group provides comprehensive
solutions to support the mission of educational institutions.

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Document Conversion

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New Mexico

Nube Group can support compliance with the New Mexico State Record Center and Archives (NMSRCA) regulations
as outlined by the New Mexico Administrative Code and the Functional Records and Retention Disposition Schedule
(FRRDS) while serving educational institutions.

Records Management

Document Conversion

Compliance Audits and Training

By integrating NMSRCA compliance into its offerings for the education sector in New Mexico, Nube Group demonstrates its expertise and
experience in helping educational institutions meet regulatory requirements and uphold the integrity of records and archives. Through tailored
solutions and proactive compliance measures, Nube Group empowers schools and universities to safeguard historical records, protect sensitive
information, and maintain regulatory compliance in accordance with state and federal guidelines.


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