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Equipment Hardware

Discover a world of possibilities with our top-of-the-line technology hardware solutions. We offer a comprehensive range of cutting-edge, reliable, and high-performance hardware that caters to all your technological needs. From powerful servers and robust storage solutions to sleek workstations and versatile networking equipment, our portfolio is designed to empower your business. Our hardware is meticulously selected to enhance productivity, improve efficiency, and seamlessly integrate into your existing infrastructure. Backed by our dedicated support and maintenance, you can trust that our hardware will keep your operations running smoothly. Elevate your business with the right technology, delivering a solid foundation for success and ensuring you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced technological landscape.

Office Equipment

Stand-up MFP
Revolutionize your office environment with state-of-the-art technology from Sharp, a pioneer in office innovation. Explore the versatility and efficiency of Sharp copiers, setting a new standard for document management. With cutting-edge features and reliable performance, these copiers are designed to streamline your workflows and elevate productivity.
For small office environments or individual offices, desktop printers bring the same functionality as full size MFPs to smaller work loads.
Enhance collaboration and engagement with Sharp Aquos Boards, an interactive display solution that transforms meetings and presentations into dynamic and immersive experiences. These interactive displays promote collaboration, foster creativity, and drive efficiency, making teamwork a seamless endeavor.

Looking for computers for your company can be stressful. Does it have the appropriate specs for our applications? What is the warranty? Will it connect to our internal environment? Take the stress out of end user computing and let Nube assist on all your end user computing needs.

o Top of the line laptops, from industry leading manufacturers: HP, Dell, Lenovo, and Sharp.
o Provide any and all solutions of desktops from Tower, Mini, etc.
o For classrooms and students, all Chromebooks are available through warranty distribution with a local feel.
o Fit the needs to the end users from widescreen to curved to create the most efficient work environment.

Access Control




Embark on a seamless journey to acquiring the latest technology for your
business through our flexible and advantageous leasing options. Experience
the power of cutting-edge technology without the hefty upfront costs,
allowing you to allocate your capital strategically. Our leasing solutions offer
budget-friendly terms and customized payment plans, giving you the freedom
to choose what aligns best with your financial situation and growth projections.
Stay ahead of the curve by regularly upgrading your technology, effortlessly
transitioning to newer, more advanced equipment at the end of your lease term.
Embrace innovation and maintain a competitive edge without the burden of
obsolete hardware. Plus, with our responsive support and maintenance services,
you can rest easy knowing that your leased technology will always be in
top-notch condition.


Discover a world of possibilities with our
top-of-the-line IT hardware solutions.

Records Management Services

Unlock the potential of efficient records
management and compliance with our
comprehensive solutions.


Experience a revolution in business
efficiency with our comprehensive suite
of transformative services.