Forecasting Tomorrow’s Business Trends

Forecasting Tomorrow’s Business Trends


Forecasting Tomorrow’s Business Trends

Weathering the Storm

Too often, we see businesses struggling to tread the flows of todays’ fast changing information and technology environment. Antiquated systems, analog practices and outdated equipment are a few examples of the challenges company’s face. Many feel as if they are drowning under the flood of today’s technological advancements.


Sunny Days Ahead

Nube Group offers a complete solution for todays’ information and technology business enviroment. When you couple our customized approach with our complete line of offerings, you get a comprehensive solution designed to increase efficiency and productivity.


Nube Group – from computer to cloud and everything in-between.

  • Business Process Optimization (BPO)
  • Document Life Cycle Management
  • Managed IT Services & Network Augmentation
  • Equipment sales, service, and installation
  • Software Life Cycle Management
  • Print Management Services (PMS)
  • File conversion



Equipment Sales, Service and Installation

Nube Group is a single line authorized Sharp Dealer. We are proud to represent Sharp’s full line of printers, laptops and Aqous smart Boards. Sharp is a leader in the industry for maximum print quality and productivity.

We also, offer products from many other manufactures, such as Dell, Lenovo, Microsoft, HP and Cisco. Our available product lines extend from the computer to the cloud.


Document Life Cycle Management

Document life cycle is the process through which a document goes from its inception to its deactivation or destruction. Our processes range from document authoring, creation, collaboration, approval, digital signature, execution, amendment processing, to document deactivation or destruction.

Managed IT Services & Network Augmentation

Making your technology work for you

Our top notch professional IT team keeps your office vision and culture in mind when designing your tech stack. In partnership; we evaluate your current needs; we share a vision by providing clear expectations, and then execute on that shared plan of action. Ongoing support ensures your company keeps up with all the latest trends and processes.

There is no site too big or too small for our offerings. We specialize in the customer experience. Each tailored management solution will get the NUBE GROUP white glove service. This means all timeline objectives will be met. And, you will know what to expect every step through the project.


Network and IT_Infographic_2020-01

Software Life Cycle Management (SWLCM)

  • SWLCM – includes planning, development, use and retirement of software programs.
  • Our Approach eliminates the poor performance and incompatibility issues experienced when mix and matching software.
  • Through API (Application Programing Interface) we create open communications between your existing software that allows them to function with one another.

File Conversion

Our company can convert electronic documents to all majorly accepted formats for archive purposes, or for upload to a particular document management system.    With the use of robust software systems and custom code, we can help reconfigure TIFF, JPEG, PNG, or PDFs to more advanced formats such as:

PDF-A – designed for long term storage, compliance and security.  Additional options from 1 to 4 can be added on, such as PDF-A 2u providing imbedded metadata on the images

PDF-E – designed for architects, engineers, and other construction professionals

PDF-X for Print professionals and graphic designers

PDF-UA provides enhanced readability for people with disabilities

PDF-V based on PDF-X principles with special features for color palates, and layers of transparency.