About Us

At Nube Group provides document and information life cycle management. with 25+ years of providing our clients customized technology solutions, Nube Group has developed a reputation for providing value based results. 

We put the needs of our customers first. We work hard to build true partnerships with our clients and develop individualized plans that meet their specific needs. 

Nube Group – Forecasting Tomorrow’s Business Trends

In 2020, Albuquerque Image Products and Document Imaging of the Southwest merged to form one company. The two businesses together bring over 44 years of combined experience. This new combination provides a complete and complex suite of products and services to existing and new clients. With the new opportunity came a new vision. A larger vision that includes a progressive culture and abundant growth.

Both names of the previous companies had geographic limitations built into their names and no longer fit the new strategy to expand beyond New Mexico or the Southwest. Prior to the merger each business focused on specific offerings. One was a copier company and the other was a scanning and document management service provider. The union of the two, to the one, provided an opportunity to expand the offerings to include full-service IT, other product lines and more value as a full-service business solution.  

This exciting new venture needed a name that represented many different parts but also conveyed its roots and function. After brainstorming and some debate, a name was chosen.

Nube Group.

Nube is cloud in Spanish. It represents both our culture and our technology oriented busines. It also, signifies the think big attitude of the sky is the limit. Group is just as important. Internally, it identifies that the new endeavor is a team effort and was built on the hard work of both founding ownerships. Externally, it includes the existing customer base for whom we could not be successful without.

For everyone at Nube Group, providing high-quality products and services remains the ultimate goal, and customer satisfaction is the way we measure success. Our clients are never just a name on a contract; they are our partners in success. We love living and working in New Mexico and feel a powerful connection to the communities we serve. As we grow into a larger company with a corporate structure, we will never forget who we are, who we serve and how we got here.